How To Avoid Running Out Of Time

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Do you have a minute? Are you running late? Are you chasing deadlines? Are you always in a hurry to get somewhere, to keep an appointment or to complete a task?

If this sounds like how you live your life, you probably think about time a great deal. You probably try to arrive for appointments on time. On most days you would like to save time. You might even like to make more time, if you could.

In reality there is no more time to be had, but you can avoid running out of time.

You Really Do Have Time

Here is a challenge for you. Stop looking at your watch and focus on what you want to do and what you, yourself, believe it is important for you to do. Think carefully about this. Once you know what matters to you, do it.

You may be surprised by how you feel. For most people, when they do what really matters to them, they feel less anxious and less stressed. Suddenly they are doing something meaningful. They have stopped worrying about time and life is better. You are likely to feel better, too, because you are no longer punishing yourself about how you are using your time. The result is that you have discovered that you do have time!

Are You Making Time?

You may wonder why, as soon as you stop thinking about something that is usually in the forefront of your mind, life improves. That is because every day you put yourself under pressure about how much time you have and about how you use your time. This is unwise, because time does not exist. You cannot touch time, or handle it. You cannot bottle it. You cannot scoop it up and put it in the bank. Therefore, why make yourself unhappy because you do not have enough of something that does not exist?

You can only “make time” be making choices. You can choose what to do now and be content because you have made the choice yourself, without being pressured by time.

Changing Times

Think differently about time in order to improve your life. Do not allow an abstract concept to rule your life. Do not allow your concept of time to tyrannise you and make you behave in ways that cause you unhappiness.

Instead of checking your watch, focus on what is important, and do that. Think about what you want to do, and do that. Think about what will make you happy, and do that. Use the idea of time primarily to help you to manage your interactions with others. For example, agree to meet someone at 4 pm because you both agree that you want to meet and what you think of as time will help you to co-ordinate your activities and actually meet.

You will not run out of time if you make changes to your perception of time. If you quite literally “take your time” you will achieve greater control over your life. The times are changing and you are changing them for the better.

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