How To Get More Out Of Life

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Are you having a bad day? Has the day turned into one of those days where you seem to be encountering problems at every turn? Are you also worrying about what else could go wrong and thinking about how many more problems you can cope with?

If you experience days like this, and especially if you are experiencing one today, I have some excellent news for you. You can make today the last day you ever feel the way you feel now.

Is A Disaster Really A Disaster?

You may be wondering how this can be true. How can you change your life so dramatically in a short space of time? After all, events happen and you cannot control them.

You are right.

What happens around you is beyond your control and you cannot stop those events you worry about from taking place. You cannot, for example, prevent that special person in your life from being made redundant however much you worry and fret about the situation. What you can change is the way you respond to events.

As you worry about that redundancy and feel anxious about how it could affect the life of your loved one, allow yourself to look at the situation differently. If he or she is made redundant, will it be a disaster? Being made redundant could present someone important to you with new opportunities. Maybe your loved one is hoping to be made redundant in order to have the space to change career or to start a business or just to have the chance to go out and look for a different employer.

Your current view of the situation is not the only view, and a negative view of an event is not the only way to think about something that happens. What is a disaster to your way of thinking could be an opportunity in someone else’s eyes.

Make A Different Choice

Consider for a moment if perhaps, over time, you have developed the habit of seeing everything that happens in life that is unexpected and unplanned in a negative light. Perhaps, without realising what you are doing, you always tend to focus on the bad side of things and see disasters and problems at every turn. As a result of how you feel and the interpretation you place on what happens to you, you enjoy life less than those people who have a different view of life.

It is time to remember that you control how you respond to events. You have options and choices. Do not automatically assume that a disaster has occurred when you deal with a new situation. Ask yourself if there is something positive in what has happened or if you can gain, in some way, from an unexpected occurrence.

You may have noticed that gloomy people seem to enjoy life less than people who are able to see the good and the not so good in the world. Join the group that chooses to find good as well as bad in their lives and you will get more out of life – starting today.

Monica Varo is an integrative therapist. She helps her clients to become the people they always hoped they could be. Call her on: 07772 467444 when you are ready to learn how to think more positively about your life today and in the future.