We all have a journey within us, a place we are trying to reach –
a place of safety, a place of peace.

The decision to change your life is a big deal and it’s a big task. It is often said that the road less travelled is often the hardest and most unnerving route to take; but you don’t have to travel alone. Monica Varo offers support and expert guidance for every step you take towards achieving your life’s transformation – from the very beginning to the very end.

Every journey starts somewhere; every journey starts with you.

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Monica Varo, Integrative Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, & Lucid Dreaming Facilitator. Services for Personal, Weight Loss, Anxiety & Stress, Self Esteem & more. Psychotherapy, Counselling & Hypnotherapy Services. Contact Us now

About Monica Varo

Monica Varo

For the first time I felt I was listened to and not another body through the therapist’s room.

It is very important to me to listen to my clients’ stories with a determination to truly hear them. Understanding each individual client is vital to our connection and important to the work we do together so they can be the best of who they are.
Enabling people to hold their heads high and to live full, meaningful lives is my passion.

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    What My Clients Say…

    Testimonial - PC

    Hypnotherapy was something I thought I would try, and it would simply be learning how to relax. How wrong I was!!


    testimonials from satisfied clients.

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    Testimonial - CB

    I was convinced that I had a weight problem, but it turned out that food was merely crutch I was using to get through life. After only five sessions, my attitude to food and life in general is quite different...


    testimonials from satisfied clients.

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