Lucid Dreaming

If You can Dream it, You can do it: The Benefits of Lucid Dreaming


Have you ever found yourself at your workplace, tapping away at your keyboard and chatting to your colleague, you look down at your hands and they flicker, translucent and ethereal. At this moment, you realise that you are dreaming. What if, on realising this, you were able to take the wheel and influence the way things unfolded within your dream? …

please others eating disorders

How do we cope with our need to please others?


Sometimes we struggle with our need to please others so much that we need a “crutch”. So, we turn towards food sometimes. We usually run use the expression: “I’m hungry for love“. “I’m hungry for power, for rewards” and so on. So, we are always hungry for something. When that hunger is not fulfilled with what we strive to achieve, we …

Fear of failure and anxiety: how to overcome them


Fear of failure is something most of us struggle with. We always run away from failure, so we feel that “it’s never good enough“. Most of us often have anxiety about not succeeding in something we plan to do. For this reason, we feel disappointed most of the times. Let’s start by considering that failure does not exist. It’s only …

physical and emotional pain

Physical and emotional pain


Today I’m going to talk about physical and emotional pain. Sometimes we have physical pain and illnesses. We struggle, we go to the doctors and there’s nothing wrong with us. Yet, here we go again and again. Did you know that actually quite a lot and a high percentage of our illnesses and diseases are psychosomatic disorders? So, what happens when …

eating habits

What are your eating habits?


One of the most common issues of my patients regards food and their eating habits. Always more often, people are stressing out about food and how they look. Some are eating too much. But have you ever questioned yourself how many times do you eat actually when you are hungry? Most of the times, if you really pay attention, you’ll notice …