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I went along to my first meeting, not knowing what to expect. And I am not overstating when I say I came away, wondering why had I not done something like this years ago.

I was an overweight hard working woman in my 50’s; I was busy being/playing all kinds of different roles for friends, family and colleagues and somewhere in the midst of all this I got lost – “put on the back burner”. I was comfort eating because I was stressed. I have been doing it for years.

After my first weight loss consultation with Monica I can honestly say all that changed. I started to take time to think about me and bringing myself back into the picture making myself realise that I wasn’t just around for the benefit of everyone else.

Monica is a caring person, she takes time to listen to you, which is so important. She is so right when she says: “we already have the answers within ourselves, we just don’t give ourselves time to listen to our inner voice”. We are too busy rushing around keeping everyone else happy.

I now feel that I am in control of me again, plus I have the added benefit of knowing who ME is. My weight is slowly coming off, but much more importantly to me food isn’t an issue anymore, it’s no longer a tool to ease stress. By going to see Monica I have learnt so much about my own and others behaviours and the impact they have.

If you can relate to anything I have written – please don’t hesitate just go ahead do it make that move, “you are so worth it”.


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