How to find your true self

How to find your true self


To discover how to find your true self, try answering this question: Who are you?

Do not be too surprised if you do not know. It is a difficult question to answer.

If you are like most people, you will be very quick to label yourself. You are a mother. You’re a receptionist. You are a student. When you try to give a little more substance to your definition of yourself, you will probably think of how other people label you and judge you. You are “just a housewife” or someone who is “getting on a bit”.

Whether you create the label yourself or accept labels that other people create, those labels only describe a small part of you. Labels do not tell the full story. A label cannot sum you up. You need to look behind the labels to find you: this is how to find your true self.

How to find your true self: Who Exactly Are You?

Ask yourself this question but make a commitment to answer positively. Do not label yourself again. Don’t make judgements as you describe yourself. Do not belittle yourself. Do not tell yourself that you are too fat or too thin, that you are stupid or boring. Think about what you are good at, what you enjoy doing and what people in your life thank you for doing.

Thinking of yourself in this way will help you understand how to find your true self more easily. You are a complex person. Discover who you are and forget the labels that distort you and limit you.

How to find your true self: Who Do You Want To Be?

Now think about what you would like to do with your life and who you would like to be. Your true self is ready with answers.

Do you dream of writing a book? Would you love to learn to ride a horse? Do you want to get rid of the grey in your hair but worry about what people would say if you did?

Forget the reasons why you cannot do what you want to do and what you would enjoy doing. Give yourself permission to acknowledge your dreams and accept that you have the right to have dreams. Stop telling yourself that dreams are for other people and that you could not possibly allow yourself to spend time and money on frivolities. You are never too old to dream and it is never wrong to have desires, hopes, wishes and passions.

Now summon up your courage. How could you fulfil your dreams? What could you do to bring yourself one step closer to living a life you will enjoy? Your true self wants to take that exercise class or to ride a bike at weekends. Therefore, listen to what you are telling yourself. Then work out how you can turn your dreams into reality.

How to find your true self: Will You Follow Your Own Advice?

Your true self is always there waiting to be found. The real you has hopes and desires that you too often bury or ignore. That means you also bury or ignore your true self.

Life is good and you can make yours so much better. Now that you’ve learnt how to find your true self, listen to what you have to say. Be brave. From today allow the real you to guide your actions.

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