How to stop being self-critical

You ARE Good Enough! How to stop being self-critical.

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Today is a different sort of day.

Today is the day when you learn how to stop being self-critical.

Start telling yourself that you really are good enough.

Until now, you have found it easy to be self-critical, and easy to accept other people’s criticisms. You remember all the hurtful things people have said about your abilities, your achievements and your potential and how you felt when you heard those things.

Today is different. Today you start to think differently about those criticisms and about yourself.

How to stop being self-critical: You Don’t Have To Accept What Other People Say

The people with whom you interact have the right to their beliefs. They have the right to approve – or to disapprove – of anything and anyone. You have rights, too. When other people criticise you, you do not have to accept their words. Their statements could be ill-considered. They might be making judgements based on incomplete information. They may have misunderstood and misjudged a situation.

The same applies when you are self-critical. You may be tempted to see what has gone wrong and what you could improve in what you are doing and, as a result, ignore your success. Accepting all the criticisms that people offer without first thinking about them? No, thanks. Do not be tempted to look for more evidence to substantiate other people’s criticisms of what you are doing.

This is not the most helpful way to work. Give yourself permission to disagree, to have a different opinion and reaction. Give yourself permission to ask how balanced and how accurate those critical judgements are. Consider if people are taking everything into consideration before they speak. Then think again before you accept a label that says you are inadequate.

How to stop being self-critical: Look inside yourself

When you decide you are not automatically going to accept others’ judgements about you and what you do, where else could you look to check how well you are doing?

The answer is simple. Look inside yourself.

Ask yourself about the best way to deal with an issue. Identify two or three different ways of dealing with a problem. Ask yourself about the most efficient way of doing something.

Ignore the criticisms and objections that flood into your mind. Tell yourself you can do this. You have ideas and your ideas are as good as the ideas of other people. Allow yourself time to work on issues and you will come up with solutions to problems and ways of working that are right for you. You will find answers to questions.

Rely on yourself and acknowledge your abilities and you will find that you can do more than you thought.

How to stop being self-critical: You have all it takes.

The truth is that you do have good ideas – lots of them.

You can find solutions to problems.

You have the wisdom and the personal resource within you to enable you to do whatever you want to do. Therefore, trust yourself and your abilities, because you really are good enough.

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