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3 main choices you can do to make yourself happy


Everyone wants to be happy. Happy people enjoy life more than unhappy ones and seem to have more friends. They are a pleasure to be with.

Are there any choices that can help you make yourself happy? Here are three suggestions.

Stop Saying “Can’t” will make yourself happy

When you say you can’t do something or something can’t be done, you are saying that there is no alternative to what is happening now. You are saying there are no other options. You’re being inflexible and blinkered.

When you think about a situation, there are always other ways of dealing with it. You can always find different ways of looking at a problem and use different approaches to deal with an incident.

Give yourself permission to think and act differently, to look for more solutions. Move from “can’t” to “can”. Making changes and achieving more will make yourself happy as a result.

Start Listening To Yourself will make yourself happy

You have lots of good ideas. You can find solutions to problems and ways to deal with situations you encounter.

The trouble is that you may not believe in your abilities. You may be tempted to be too self-critical, to belittle your achievements, to automatically assume that other people’s ideas are better than your own. You may also accept other people’s criticisms of you and your ideas too readily.

It is time to start listening to your own ideas.

Give your own ideas as much consideration as you give the ideas of other people. Think things through. Consider carefully if your idea will work and how well it will work.

Be critical of yourself, but not over-critical. Be willing to recognise flaws in your thinking, but look for improvements to your plans rather than discarding them. Do not be too quick to rubbish your ideas simply because they are your ideas.

Respect your solutions and your plans and you will respect yourself more. Your increased self-confidence will make yourself happy as a result.

Aiming To Be Happy will make yourself happy!

Your wellbeing matters. You matter. You spend a lot of time looking after the needs of others and doing things that make them happy. You do this because you want the people who matter to you to be happy. Think about your own happiness, too. You are not being selfish if you think about making your own life more enjoyable as well as working on helping other people to be happy.

Accept that being happy is a legitimate goal for you, just as it is for other people. Break the habit of always putting other people’s happiness ahead of your own. Think about yourself. Commit to doing some things for no other reason than that you gain satisfaction from doing them. Giving yourself the right to be happy will make yourself happy as a result. 

To make yourself happy is to make others happy, too

Remind yourself often that happiness is for everyone, not just for other people. If you make yourself happy, you will create happiness in the lives of the people around you, too. Being happy helps everyone and especially yourself, so pay more attention to happiness.

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