Reasons why we eat and drink – B.H.

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When I first walked through your door, I was over weight and couldn’t see any way of changing that.

We chatted and I can honestly say it was amazing, you asked simple questions and suddenly I realised I had the answers inside myself. As you said, they had been there all the time. I just hadn’t realised it.

Over the years I had eaten and drank too much when I was hurting or angry. With your hypnosis sessions, you took the time to listen and tailored the sessions to suit my needs; even after only one session I felt the weight on my shoulders go. It was a physical sensation.

It’s amazing for the first time in years, I’m not drinking to ease the pain when things are tough and I am hurting – which I am at the moment because someone I care about is dying. Now if I have a glass of wine; it’s because I fancy a drink, it’s not an emotional support. With food I’m making better choices, and listening to the CD regularly is really helping.

So to end, I would like to simply say, thank you, for listening and caring.


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