Fear of failure and anxiety: how to overcome them


Fear of failure is something most of us struggle with. We always run away from failure, so we feel that “it’s never good enough“. Most of us often have anxiety about not succeeding in something we plan to do. For this reason, we feel disappointed most of the times. Let’s start by considering that failure does not exist. It’s only …

Hypnotherapy for anxiety: Jayne W

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I can’t thank Monica enough for the help she has given me. Last year I suffered from gastroenteritis which caused Post-infectious IBS. My work at the time was very unaccommodating and forced me to leave. This had a real knock on my confidence and I started to find that going out was becoming very difficult. I was starting to suffer …

Hypnosis For Anxiety And Depression - Monica Varo

Hypnosis For Anxiety and Depression

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Hypnosis For Anxiety and Depression: what causes anxiety? Anxiety is a normal, healthy response to situations that appear threatening. It tells us when to be cautious and vigilant, preparing us for action if necessary. However, sometimes this natural emotion can become severe and overwhelming.  When this happens it can cause us to become hyper-vigilant, panicked and overly-concerned about living our lives. …