Testimonial 002

Hypnotherapy Reviews

Before attending Monica’s hypnosis therapy I had problems with anxiety and confidence.

After moving to Watford from the southwest due to work, and living here for nearly a year and not really going out and socializing. I decided to search online for a solution, and read about hypnosis and the benefits that it had on people in the same situation.

After finding out about Monica on the internet, I decided to give it a go as it could’nt make things worse. From the beginning I told Monica about my anxiety and lack of self confidence, I could tell she seemed very interested and understanding of what I had to say and catered the sessions to my exact needs.

By the end of the sessions with Monica, I can honestly say I feel like a new person, no longer am I shy around others, or nervous about what to say and how to act, I just feel relaxed and comfortable in my surroundings, which is something I have not felt since I was a little kid. I feel more confident at my job, and have recently signed up to the gym and started attending night classes on my own which is something I would have never considered before. I am so thankful for Monica and feel like there is a new chapter in my life.