Testimonial 011

Hypnotherapy Reviews

Dear Monica,

I attended a business meeting a few weeks ago where I saw you present a 10 minute talk on hypnotherapy.

I have attended a number of hypnotists over the years who have helped me greatly, when I heard you speak about hypnotherapy I knew that you could help me to remove the final blockage that was causing me some problems in my life.

You spoke more sense in 10 minutes than all of the other therapists put together had done in many hours, over the years. You explained in very simple terms what hypnotherapy was and how it can help anyone with any type of fear, phobia or emotional blockage.

I attended three separate sessions with you. In my first session you spoke to me in a very understanding way which made it very easy for me to relate my issue to you. You then explained to me very clearly how you could help me to move forward in my life. Session two involved a short period of hypnotherapy where you gave me the tools to remove my blockage. Session three was really quite unnecessary as I knew that you had helped me completely after session two, but I came along for session three just to help me to reinforce the message in my mind and to ensure that my problem is solved.

I am now prepared to move forward onto much greater things in my life thanks to the help and guidance you gave me, in fact on the very afternoon that I saw you, I met a new business client who gave me some work to do that day; she has also asked me to quote for a number of different premises that she manages, this client is looking like she will be my biggest contract customer. Now my belief is that it was with your help and my new found belief in myself that this client came to me.

You have an unbelievably fantastic skill, you are without doubt the best therapist that I have ever come across, you have an excellent manner with your clients and your interpersonal skills are without doubt the best I have encountered, I would urge anyone who is contemplating therapy to contact you, I wish you the very best of luck in the future, you are my saviour.

Many Thanks