How To Get The Most Out Of Life

How To Get The Most Out Of Life: Choices and Perspective


Are you having a bad day? Has the day turned into one of those days where you seem to be encountering problems at every turn? Are you also worrying about what else could go wrong and think about how many more problems you can cope with? If you experience days like this, and especially if you are experiencing one today, …

Running Out Of Time

How To Avoid Running Out Of Time


Running out of time? Do you hardly have a minute? Are you late? Or just chasing deadlines? Are you always in a hurry to get somewhere, to keep an appointment or to complete a task? If this sounds like how you live your life, you probably think about time a great deal. You probably try to arrive for appointments on …

What About Me?


How often do you think about yourself? How often do you put yourself first? As someone who spends so much time giving to others, helping family members and friends, supporting loved ones when they need help and listening to people’s anxieties and concerns, when do you think about yourself? When do you ever say: “What about me?” If you are …

Just how stressed are you?


Are you stressed? How do you respond to the question? Do you laugh? Do you feel like crying? Do you feel angry? Do you feel stressed? It is important to check from time to time just how stressed you feel. Do the assessment and you will know when to take stress more seriously and when the time has come to …

New Mums… Are You Ready to go Back to Work?


You don’t need anyone to tell you that life is very different now that you’re a mum. Your day-to-day life has changed. The way people treat you has changed. Above all, you have changed. However, now that you are getting ready to go back to work, you need to prepare carefully to deal with a new, and potentially challenging, situation. …

Do you believe in yourself?


Have you ever watched someone who is really good at something you would like to try and decided you couldn’t do that? Have you ever looked at a task and decided that it’s just too difficult for someone like you? You know you would like to tackle difficult things but tend to be put off. Maybe you don’t believe in …