choosing a therapist

Why Choose Me (aka Monica) as your Therapist

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Choosing a  Therapist

I believe that whenever you ask for help from someone and you click with them and feel comfortable, then you have found the right therapist.

When selecting myself or any therapist, you want to feel that they really see you and hear you from deep within.

When you feel that connection is there, then you have found the therapist that can help you.

Keep in mind that your therapist also needs to be someone who hasn’t been in your life previously and ideally someone who doesn’t know you.

Your therapist should not be a friend, but rather a complete impartial guide.

In actuality, this is not about whether or not I am the right person for you.

This is more about whether or not you will feel comfortable enough to open up to me.

If so, then I am your person.

I am your therapist. Know that I will hold you unconditionally, not judge you, and really work with you every step of the way.

I will listen to what you have to say and really see and understand what you truly mean.

As your therapist, I am your Sat Nav.

At this moment, you are feeling lost in life and on your journey.

You have hit some road works and barriers and I will show you other ways around it.

You drive the car, not me.

I’m just your sat nav.

As long as you are willing to drive the car, I am willing to guide you and help you get to your destination, no matter how far it may appear to be.

Working with me means that I will never try and squeeze you into a single approach.

I have so many qualifications for therapy such as lucid dreaming, hypnosis, integrative therapy, and regression, that I model my therapy based upon the needs of my clients.

I look at which approach is best for my client at that moment.

Choosing a therapist

I work with integrity

I will fit into my client’s world and would not expect my client to work into my world or one specific modality of therapy.

I will work with you no matter where you are in your journey and we are in this together.