fear of achieving your dreams

Fear of achieving your dreams

Monica Varo Blog

Fountain Therapy is my dream and to make it happen, I have brought together a team of people who all have something very unique to offer.

My dream is to have a practice where people can always have help and support each other.

I want to give our clients options.

The option to choose who they want to see.

Here at Fountain Therapy, we have both male and female counsellors, couples counsellors, therapist for children, and other health and wellness professionals such as a personal trainer.

All of our trained and qualified professionals come from different backgrounds such as police, army, naturopath, etc and therefore we are have something unique to offer.

So why am I talking about my dream?

I am on the journey of achieving my dreams.

However, many people in the process of achieving their dreams are often faced with fear.

Often you are faced with mental challenges or blockages that can hold you back.

Whatever holds you back, try it first and then decide if it is for you. If you are not excited about exploring something new, then that is something to think about.

Just think about all the new discoveries that have been made by exploring something new.

Being curious and adventurous is a good way to address fear.

Fear is in our mind.

Fear is not physical unless you see something like a wolf or feel that you are under attack.

Dry mouth, rapid heartbeat, sweaty palms are all signs of fear and excitement.

The body reacts the same way, but it is about how we label the emotion.

How do you know that something doesn’t work if you don’t try?

If it doesn’t work, then it is not for me.

Rather than being fearful and holding yourself back, give it a go, be excited and be curious.

If you don’t have curiosity or excitement then question whether or not this is something for you.

Fear of achieving your dreams?

Instead of thinking “I’m so scared” think instead “I’m so excited.”

The mind will begin to look for everything that is exciting.

Rather than being scared for something new, try it.

Otherwise, you will look back and wish you had done something.

Be excited and know that at least you tried. Excitement is where you discover who you really are.

On the journey of achieving your dreams, turn your fears into excitement and be open to changes and trying something new.

I always say,

“Dreams are written in stone, but plans are in the sand”.

Your plans can change as you achieve your dreams. For example, if you are going up north the M1 from London and there are roadworks, you have to take an alternative route like the A1.

You will still get to where you need to go, but sometimes you just have to take another route.

This is your journey on pursuing your dreams.

Do you really fear to achieve your dreams?

Fears can help your dreams come to fruition, but this works best when you reframe your fears and look at them as excitement.