Fear of failure and anxiety: how to overcome them

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Fear of failure is something most of us struggle with.

We always run away from failure, so we feel that “it’s never good enough“.

Most of us often have anxiety about not succeeding in something we plan to do. For this reason, we feel disappointed most of the times.

Let’s start by considering that failure does not exist. It’s only feedback.

In fact, we can never succeed in the same way that everybody else does. We’re all unique. So whatever I “fail” in, it’s not the failure: it’s actually making me more creative to try a different way because that way didn’t work.

So, rather than saying: “I failed“,

say to yourself: “I didn’t fail, it’s only feedback. How can I try this in a different way?

This will give you strength, you will be more successful and more determined to succeed more creative.

So, rather than running away and turning to food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, just remember you were a baby at one point in your life and you’ve learned to walk.

How many times did you fall on the floor and get up and actually walk again?

There is never a failure, it’s only feedback. Remember the resilience you have that baby: your subconscious mind will remember that.

When you tell your subconscious mind: “I am a failure. I will never succeed“, your mind registers everything and your mind is your best friend.

So, your mind will take on board whatever you tell your mind. So, tell your mind: “I’m trying this and I’ll do the best I can“.  In the future, when you look back, you won’t remember that you failed. You will remember that “I tried and I did the best I could with what I had at the time, and am more creative, stronger, more determined, more resilient in whatever I do in life“.

To overcome your fear of failure and anxiety, always remember: there is never a failure, only feedback.

Please remember to contact me if you have any questions. I’m here to answer and if you need help go and find somebody you can talk through your problems: when you go in therapy it’s not about there’s something wrong with you. Actually, you realise that you are not the best you can be at that point in your life. It just helps to work through those issues.

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