how to stop eating too much

How to stop eating too much: back in control of your eating and weight

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When the pounds keep piling on, you start wondering how to stop eating too much. Sometimes, it seems as if there was no way out. Your weight keeps going up. You’re eating your way to disaster and you can’t seem to stop yourself. You feel bad about what you’re doing, about yourself. As a consequence, you feel bad about everything else in your life, too.

Don’t be disheartened. There are things you can do – starting right now.

Learning how to stop eating too much will put you back in control of your eating and weight.

Think about what is happening to you.

How to stop eating too much, Tip  #1: Start to keep a diary.

Write down, every time:

  • what you eat,
  • when you eat it,
  • why you eat
  • how do you feel and so on.

Before you write, promise you’ll be honest with yourself. If you ate five or six biscuits, don’t pretend that you stopped at two.

A food diary will show you what happens in your life. You will see clearly what the situation is like, which are your patterns and feelings.

When you have kept your diary for a few days, congratulate yourself. You are making progress. You have accepted that there is an issue to deal with and you have allowed yourself to take a look at the situation you face.

How to stop eating too much, Tip  #2: Understand what food is for you.

Food is necessary for your life. You eat food to stay alive. But not all food is the same. And the choices you make are crucial.

We all enjoy eating good tasting foods. However, sometimes people feel as if they needed good tasting foods to comfort themselves when things go wrong.

Check the feelings part of your food diary:

  • Are you feeling stressed?
  • Do you want to relieve your anxieties?
  • Are you just bored?
  • Are your friends eating that kind of food?
  • Or is this just part of your eating habits?

That could be part of the reason why you are putting on weight. Over time, it could lead to some kind of eating disorder.

Bear in mind that food is a gift to your body, not a fix to your mind. It’s time to change some of your eating habits.

How to stop eating too much, Tip  #3: Do something you truly like, instead of eating

What else could you do instead of eating? Make a list of things you enjoy doing, rather than eating. Is there something you have always wanted to do? Do something that you truly like, rather than eating. Tell your friends, you’re not hungry and you don’t want to eat anything if that’s how you feel.

How to stop eating too much, Tip  #4: You are in the driving seat.

Allow yourself to change your eating habits. Remind yourself that this is your life. You don’t need to use food in unhealthy ways. So, you don’t need to gain unwanted weight. You decide which choices to make to your life.

I know you can do it. These people who did it already can tell you how it feels:

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