Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss: the definitive solution, while fad diets fail.

Year after year, you cannot fail to hear of some new diet craze sweeping the nation. They’re constantly in lifestyle magazines, endorsed by the once slightly overweight celebrity who has religiously followed the regime to become super-slinky and hype-toned. We can’t help but read them and hope that the dream of shedding those pounds in unrealistic time-scales be possible. It is with positive intention and new found motivation that we start the diet, only to fall off the wagon two weeks later, feeling deflated and positively worse about our failure to control our weight. We’ve all been there, more than once. Fad diets do not work because they are exactly what they say they are… a fad! a new craze or phase to endure. They are not meant to be lasting and neither are their effects. Fad diets are designed to keep you in a vicious cycle of yo-yo weight loss & weight gain.

Does hypnosis work for weight loss – or is it just another fad?

No! To really get to grips with your weight you need to understand your relationship with food and the relationship you have yourself and your body. This is where hypnosis for weight loss scores, achieving effective lasting results, time after time. Hypnosis for weight loss allows you to explore your thinking; how you relate to food and your eating habits. Hypnosis for weight loss helps you to understand negative thoughts about yourself and where they come from; eliminating the need to positively reinforce with food. Hypnosis for weight loss gives you the tools to change your mind about your eating habits and gives you back the control.

The effectiveness of hypnosis for weight loss:

  • You will learn techniques and skills that can help you to manage what, when and how much you eat; not just for now, but long-term.
  • You will challenge your old patterns of thinking and behaviour and generate new ones.
  • Hypnosis and cognitive behavioural therapy form a systemic approach to your individual weight loss programme.

Of course, there are no magic spells for weight loss. To be effective we must address ourselves as a whole. In understanding our own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and our relationship with food, only then can the way can be opened for change to occur. With greater awareness and self-control, it is not uncommon for people to naturally take on a much healthier lifestyle. A Diet should be Your Diet – the way you eat now and forever, responsibly and healthily.

I know you can do it. These people who did it already can tell you how it feels:

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