Hypnotherapy for anxiety: Jayne W

Monica Varo Hypnotherapy Reviews

I can’t thank Monica enough for the help she has given me. Last year I suffered from gastroenteritis which caused Post-infectious IBS. My work at the time was very unaccommodating and forced me to leave. This had a real knock on my confidence and I started to find that going out was becoming very difficult. I was starting to suffer from anxiety which was continuously getting worse.

After reading fantastic reviews about Monica online, I decided to contact her to see if she could help.

I found Monica to be calm and pleasant which put my mind at ease. She tried a range of techniques of hypnotherapy for anxiety tailored to me which instantly had an effect. After the fourth session, I was finding that I was able to go to a shop by myself and felt much more relaxed.

Although it takes time for your mind to adjust, it was worth doing. I am now able to start working again, go out with friends and feel like myself.

We now meet up every 3/4 months to see how things are going and she is always on hand if you urgently need to contact her. I couldn’t recommend Monica enough.

Jayne W