Hypnotherapy for weight loss: C. B. Story

Monica Varo Hypnotherapy Reviews

I was convinced that I had a weight problem, but it turned out that food was merely a crutch I was using to get through life. After only five sessions, my attitude to food and life, in general, is quite different. Through exploring how I was feeling about myself, I was able to think about what makes me happy and to realise that I have so many choices at my fingertips.

Monica’s hypnotherapy sessions have given me the opportunity to take the time to remember moments in the past when I felt happy and fulfilled. I lerned how to use that knowledge to apply a few adjustments to the present-day me. I will continue to be faced with challenges, but with every challenge, there is a choice. Through my sessions with Monica, I have realised that the power behind those choices was always mine. This is something I’d lost sight of in recent years, for whatever reason. Nut I now reclaim that power back for myself! I feel more energised and positively outward-looking than I have for a long time. This affects my whole attitude to work, activities and relationships with family and friends. I’ve achieved so many things in the last few weeks and I’m looking forward to achieving many more, thanks to a rediscovery of the ‘real’ me. I have Monica’s Hyponosis for Weight Loss Sessions to thank for opening my eyes.