fear of achieving your dreams

Fear of achieving your dreams


Fountain Therapy is my dream and to make it happen, I have brought together a team of people who all have something very unique to offer. My dream is to have a practice where people can always have help and support each other. I want to give our clients options. The option to choose who they want to see. Here …

choosing a therapist

Why Choose Me (aka Monica) as your Therapist


Choosing a  Therapist I believe that whenever you ask for help from someone and you click with them and feel comfortable, then you have found the right therapist. When selecting myself or any therapist, you want to feel that they really see you and hear you from deep within. When you feel that connection is there, then you have found …

Why Choose Therapy

Why Choose Therapy


Why Should you Choose Therapy? A choice to go to therapy is never taken lightly and generally comes after a great deal of thought. Sometimes you may even ask yourself whether therapy will even work or how to find the right therapist. What do you even say the first time you go to therapy? Sometimes it can even be intimidating …

Why is it important to be honest

Why Be Honest?

Inspirational quotes about life and happiness

As children, we were always taught to speak our minds and say what we feel. In fact, children are known to be quite blunt and they speak without a filter. Yet, somehow as we grow up, we begin to censor what we say. As adults, society asks us to stay strong and to watch out for other people’s emotions. Often …

in your lucid dreams use a use a dream catcher as a reality check object

Lucid Dreaming


Working with your dreams is a way to process everything and change your life. Lucid dreaming allows you to find and embrace your limiting beliefs so that you can step out of your own shadow and see your strengths for what they are. Your dreams have a meaning, especially the repetitive ones. Often times, the subconscious mind is trying to …

Signs Of Stress

Signs Of Stress: 10 Sure-Fire Symptoms You Are Stressed


Signs Of Stress: 10 Sure-Fire Symptoms You Are Stressed Let’s face it – stress is a part of life. Signs of stress can surface in lots of different ways which this post examines. Stress is a biological response to demanding situations that cause the body to release hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. These hormones prepare the body to weather …