physical and emotional pain

Physical and emotional pain


Today I’m going to talk about physical and emotional pain. Sometimes we have physical pain and illnesses. We struggle, we go to the doctors and there’s nothing wrong with us. Yet, here we go again and again. Did you know that actually quite a lot and a high percentage of our illnesses and diseases are psychosomatic disorders? So, what happens when …

being mentally healthy

Being Mentally Healthy


A Check-up from the Neck-up? We are all more conscious about our physical health nowadays. We know about the importance of eating healthily, of staying hydrated and of taking regular physical exercise. We know that we should go to our GP for any unexplained aches and pains in our body and that regular check-ups help to spot physical problems early …

eating habits

What are your eating habits?


One of the most common issues of my patients regards food and their eating habits. Always more often, people are stressing out about food and how they look. Some are eating too much. But have you ever questioned yourself how many times do you eat actually when you are hungry? Most of the times, if you really pay attention, you’ll notice …