Why Choose Therapy

Why Choose Therapy

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Why Should you Choose Therapy?

A choice to go to therapy is never taken lightly and generally comes after a great deal of thought.

Sometimes you may even ask yourself whether therapy will even work or how to find the right therapist.

What do you even say the first time you go to therapy? Sometimes it can even be intimidating to choose therapy.

Therefore, the real question you need to ask is why should you choose therapy?

That is a question that is worth knowing the response too.

You should go to therapy to work out everything that is holding you back.

To work through everything that you are struggling with.

We only see what is wrong in that moment and we become fully absorbed into that darkness, suffering, depression, anxiety.

Therapy allows you to step outside from your own shoes and look deeper and deeper into yourself and see yourself form a different perspective.

Our life is like a Jigsaw Puzzle.

Each piece has a place, but in our lives are not always straightforward. Sometimes we lose those pieces or sometimes we just cannot seem to fit the pieces together.

Therapy allows you to recreate your jigsaw puzzle, especially at times when you feel stuck or trapped.

Two good questions to ask yourself are; What is your own Jigsaw Puzzle?

And how do your own pieces fit together?

Life is created from so many different pieces from all the various parts, roles, experiences and expectations we have.

When the pieces do not fit together is when we struggle.

These pieces make us who we are.

It shows us the bigger picture of our existence.

Who am I?

What is my jigsaw puzzle?

What does it look like?

Therapy allows you to find your jigsaw pieces and help shape your life to the way you would like it to be.

Rather than staying trapped in our own misery or negative thinking loop, we are able to reframe our thoughts and visions that allows us to overcome our dark shadow and step into the light.

Therapy can be tough at times, but as I previously mentioned, therapy is about facing your shit and owning your problems.

When you confront your dark shadows, it is like standing up to your bully and being able to shine.

Why Choose Therapy?

Therapy is a way to bring out the best possible version of yourself.

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