Why do people go to therapy

Why do people go to therapy

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After a little Christmas break, today I’d like to analyse why do people go to therapy.

People sometimes are really really scared to admit that they need a therapist. They might think that it’s something wrong with them, also because the labels about seeing somebody in therapy are scary.

Actually, family and friends will always try to help us and give us a personal opinion but that’s a subjective point of view. In fact, they only tell us how they see us with their own perception.

Instead, a therapist can see you from your own point of view.

A therapist will just reflect back at you your emotions. They will explain how does it feel to be you so that you can listen to this story just from your own point of view. This is an objective point of view.

With a therapist, you can work through many different feelings, like anxiety, fears, anger, sadness. When you notice that something doesn’t work deep inside, it’s the moment you can go and see a therapist. And there is nothing wrong with you! You’re just admitting that

“Something doesn’t work at this point for me, so I’m going to work it out”.

The therapist will be there for you in that hour and in that space to work through and help you become the best you can be.

From the moment we are born we play so many roles…  You can be a

  • daughter
  • mom
  • wife
  • friend
  • a neighbour
  • employer
  • employee…

But who are you, for yourself?

Nobody understands how it really feels to be you. But in that space, with a therapist, you can actually work out who you are and what’s that like to be you.

So, don’t be scared. Go and talk to somebody you struggle. If you suffer from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, low confidence, anger, sadness, therapy can really help.

For example, with hypnosis,  you can actually work through all of your negative and limiting beliefs.

In America, they say:

“You don’t have a shrink? Is something wrong with you?”

So why should we be any different?

There’s nothing wrong with you.

You just need help to work through and actually discover who you really really are and work out to become the best you can be.

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