Do you believe in yourself

Do you believe in yourself?

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If the answer to the question “Do you believe in yourself?” is a doubtful “Not too much”, then keep reading.

Have you ever watched someone who is really good at something you would like to try and decided you couldn’t do that? Have you ever looked at a task and decided that it’s just too difficult for someone like you?

You know you would like to tackle difficult things but then you tend to postpone. Maybe you don’t believe in yourself enough, you don’t value yourself and your abilities enough. Or maybe you’re not getting as much out of life as you could if you thought just a little more highly of yourself.

You Are Not Alone

When you look around you, don’t think that everyone else is brimming with confidence. You are not the only one who is nervous about making mistakes or concerned that you are going to make yourself look foolish. Most people worry when they do something they are not familiar with for the first time.

The fact that you do worry and that you do feel concerned means that you are in the majority, not in the minority. Most people worry about making mistakes. You really are not alone if you do, too.

You Are Not Stupid

If you don’t know the answer to a question, that doesn’t make you stupid. It just means that you haven’t learned the answer to the question. You haven’t learned how to complete a task – yet.

But you can change things. You can learn how to ride a bike or to swim or to bake a cake. Don’t limit yourself. If none taught you how to do something, don’t label yourself as stupid. Go out and learn that new skill.

You Will Never Be Perfect

Something that it’s really useful to learn is that you will never be perfect. Whatever you do, there will always be something about your performance that could be improved. There will always be something that you could do better! The same rule applies to everyone else in the world. It is impossible to achieve perfection.

Therefore, accept that you can’t be perfect, and aim for something else. Being good at something is a worthy goal. You’re good at something if you can get the job done. You’re good at something when other people accept that you have done the job well.

Trying to be perfect means that you are always going to fail. Allow yourself to be good. Good is usually good enough.

You Are Allowed to Accept Praise

It’s very easy when you don’t value yourself and your own achievements, to ignore the praise you receive from others. When you do things well, people will notice and remark on your success. Pay attention to what they say!

When people say you are doing something well, note it. Don’t be tempted to brush praise aside. If someone offers you praise, accept their judgement. Accept that they know what they are talking about. Give yourself permission to accept praise from other people.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself and you will be capable of so much more. Allow yourself to recognise just how much you can do because you are an amazing person

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