physical and emotional pain

Physical and emotional pain


Today I’m going to talk about physical and emotional pain.

Sometimes we have physical pain and illnesses. We struggle, we go to the doctors and there’s nothing wrong with us.

Yet, here we go again and again.

Did you know that actually quite a lot and a high percentage of our illnesses and diseases are psychosomatic disorders?

So, what happens when we can’t express certain emotionsThe body will take over because our conscious mind is running our body as well.

I’ll give you a few examples of physical and emotional pain.

  • Pain in your neck and the shoulders: how many times do you use the expression: “I’m carrying the world on my shoulders“, meaning I have a lot of responsibilities? Well, here we go: you have pains in your neck and your shoulders as a result of keeping your muscles contracted all the time.
  • Getting chest infection: with a chest infection, what happens actually is that I can’t express myself.
  • Problems with your digestion and heartburn: again, stress is the cause. Are you holding on to something which you can’t tell?
  • Repressed anger is often the cause of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Pains in your knees and your hips: “I don’t like where my life is going with the moments or I’m stuck“.
  • Ear infection: do you like what you hear?
  • Many bulimics use often the expression: “I can’t digest what I’m hearing“.

So, usually when you have pains and aches, really look within yourself.

Is it something that troubles you? Is it something you struggle with and you can’t express?

Because our body will follow our mind and our mind. If your mind is understanding that I struggle with something and that can’t express it, the body will take over.

Check out my video for this topic:

The mind always rules our body. So look within yourself. Rather than going straight on medication, make sure that it’s not something you struggle with emotionally first. You will feel lighter, liberated and a lot healthier. So don’t be fearful, go and offload.  Talk to somebody if there’s anything that is troubling you.

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