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What are your eating habits?


One of the most common issues of my patients regards food and their eating habits.

Always more often, people are stressing out about food and how they look. Some are eating too much.

But have you ever questioned yourself how many times do you eat actually when you are hungry?

Most of the times, if you really pay attention, you’ll notice that you eat when you’re not even hungry. You might be thirsty, but most of the times when we eat, we do it because we feel something deep inside – whether it is anger, boredom, something to do, or loneliness.

“I had a bad day, I’m going to eat”.

“I had a great day, I’m going to reward myself with food”

So, we keep turning to food. Whether it’s for a specific purpose, it’s an excuse: it’s always about eating.

How many times we go to a party and we’re not comfortable to talk to people? What do you do then? You stick next to the buffet on top of your plate, pretending that you are busy eating.

So, basically, when you’re angry, when you are bored, when you are sad, when you are lonely, when it’s for something to do for companionship, for reward how do you do that? With food.

Afterwards, often you think you still feel the hunger.

“I’m going to eat something because it gives me something to do”.

After I finished eating, actually is the boredom still there? Yes, it will be. So what can you do?

Go back and remember what you used to love to do. What was your passion?

Whether it is gardening, whether he’s walking, listening to music, learning something new, going for a walk, calling your friends, reading a book…

There are so many things you can actually do when you are bored! Consequently, you’d leave your boredom and actually eat less. Then, you wouldn’t feel guilty afterwards and wouldn’t need to be on a constant diet.

Most people we know are – or they have been – on one diet or another.

Actually, it’s a multi-million industry. It seems like you always have to buy their brand, you have to start counting the calories, and you could never leave.

Basically, when we crave something is not about quantity: we crave the texture, the flavor. So, you can have a piece of chocolate, instead of the whole box!

Try telling yourself:

“Actually, I am allowed to have this”

You will have noticed that you don’t really want to have the whole box: one piece will be enough. You can put it back in the fridge because you can have it tomorrow. It’s always there!

The more we tell ourselves

“I’m not allowed to have that”,

the more your mind will want to have it now because you are not allowed to. In fact, we don’t like to be told we can’t do something.

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Another big mistake we’ve been brought up with is the sentence “Don’t waste food!”

Real waste depends on how much we buy or cook. It doesn’t matter if you have the whole lot or just as much as you need.

Pay attention to your stomach because most of the time we eat unconsciously. The stomach needs about 30 minutes to send the signal to the brain had enough.

If we eat whilst reading or watching TV when we are bored, we can’t pay attention.

Actually, if you pay attention you’ll notice that after two 3-4 bites you don’t even remember what you were are eating! What was the taste, the flavors or anything like that?

You just carry on eating because the food is there. Then, you find yourself regretful.

So, find out when you’re actually hungry.

It’s astonishing how many clients told me that they actually don’t even realise that they are not hungry.

Next time you think you’re hungry pay attention before grabbing food:

Are you angry or sad? Are you lonely?

Go and do something else: it’s very important to listen to your own self. You will achieve some more self-love rather instead of being on a diet for the rest of your life.

If you have any questions please let me now. I’ve worked with a lot of people who are struggling to lose weight: hypnosis for weight loss is a great tool to use.

These people who did it already can tell you how it feels when you understand and change your eating habits:

I can help you discover the triggers and alternative behaviours to improve your eating habits. We can incorporate the right suggestions as they emerge from you, not from the therapist.

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