what does a psychotherapist do

What does a psychotherapist do & why I became an integrative therapist

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Today I’d like to explain what does a psychotherapist do, regarding how do I work, and why I became an integrative therapist.

Why I became an integrative therapist.

I am a psychotherapist because I always loved listening to people. I’ve found myself feeling what they feel when somebody tells me a story. Being in that room with my clients gives me a humble experience because I am allowed to share that space with them. They trust me to share with me probably their deepest emotions and beliefs they have, that probably sometimes they’ve never even thought about it.

What does a psychotherapist do? How do I work?

Am I an integrative therapist, because I firmly believe that we don’t fit everybody in one specific approach. I create the therapy that will fit my clients, picking from different approaches and working with whatever the client feels that is best for them.

I use:

The space that you share with your therapist is not about the therapist fixing you as a client, it’s about sharing with somebody of the what is going on for you. The therapy’s role is to hold for you everything that’s going on in that moment. Then, you can go actually and step outside of your own world and rearrange everything so it will fit for you. Nobody can tell us what to do because nobody really knows how it feels to be our own selves.

What does a psychotherapist do: the therapist role

The therapist’s role is to hold for you and reflect back. It’s like mirroring back what it feels like listening to your story. From a very young age, a lot of people haven’t been heard or seen by their parents, so they grow believing that “I’m not to be seen and not to be heard“. This is quite sad and it is chipping away at your self-esteem. Working in a company, you will always struggle to go and do a presentation or maybe or aim for a promotion. Setting up your own business, you will always feel: “Well, who will listen to me? Nobody can hear me, nobody can see me“.

It’s all about believing in your own self, that you have to be heard and you can actually be heard.

Who can listen to you the best is the self because once you listen to your own self, you know how to look after your own self and what you need.

So, I became a psychotherapist because I love listening to people, listening to stories. I love seeing them building step by step their strength, their beliefs, their values, becoming the best they can be.

Go and speak to somebody if you feel you need to share with somebody the stuff that doesn’t fit with you at this moment. I’d be glad to assist you in my psychotherapy practice in Croxley Green if you like. Please feel free to contact me, either by mobile 07772467444 or by email using the form below.

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